How do I know if running is not for me? 🇬🇧 ENG

How do I know if running is not for me? 🇬🇧 ENG

At first glance, it’s an odd question to ask on the blog of a big running fan.

But on closer inspection, it is an interesting and difficult question.
I run. I love it.

Yes, I love running. I encourage it – in many ways.
Because it’s just a wonderful sport.

At the same time, I have always disliked coercion. And I have argued that not everyone has to run.
There is no compulsion to like running and running itself.
You can do whatever you like.

The most important thing is to do something for yourself.
And whether it’s cycling, walking, climbing or rollerblading – it doesn’t matter.
Do something for yourself and let it be the kind of physical activity you like.

las, droga w lesie, podejście
In the forest somewhere in the mountains.

And this post is about liking, or rather not liking, running.

Objective general reasons for not running,

That is, those over which we have little or no influence.

1. health, first and foremost.
There is nothing to dwell on here. It is only worth checking with another source if they forbid running.
Do not stop at one source. But if the diagnosis is confirmed, there is nothing to risk.
The greatest wealth is health – Virgil.

2- Physical dysfunction
This is also the reason for not running in most cases. Rarely, with a strong will and a lot of money, you can avoid physical problems.
But the above conditions (or rather the lack of them) will be excusable for most.

3- Local conditions
This is rather rare, but it is worth remembering that it is possible to live in a place that is not conducive to running.
Running is a very simple sport, but it can’t be done everywhere.
Other reasons include high levels of air pollution or a very bad reputation of the neighbourhood.

Smog is a big obstacle. You can run with a mask, but it’s not the same.
I have the option of going to the woods and mountains a few kilometres away. I often do that in the winter.
But not everyone has this possibility. Here you can run indoor.

4 – Political conditions
I have two cases in mind. Until a few years ago unthinkable (according to most) in Poland.
War. Peace is not a long-term thing.
And let’s not forget the pandemics and the restrictions imposed because of them.
Even running in the woods was not allowed.
My face says: I love to run!

My face says: I definitely love running 😉

I don’t like running.

Why not?

This is a more difficult question. Because it touches on subjective issues.
Because I may not like running. Just like I don’t like jazz and I love rap (it’s the other way round).
And I have never analysed it more deeply. Although, with a little effort, I can explain why jazz and not rap.

I like reading and watching fantasy. But horror films – forget it.

And it might be the same with running. I didn’t like it and that’s it. And that’s fine.

Especially if you have passed the mirror test.

Mirror test

Go to the mirror. Look into your own eyes. Look into the eyes of the runner.
And ask yourself
Have I done enough to enjoy running?

Maybe you threw in the towel too soon. You gave up without a fight.

You went for a run. You ran for three months and then stopped. You didn’t see much progress.
You ran for six months and injured yourself. You decided it wasn’t for you.

What is important here?

Persistence and regularity! – you shout.
You’re right. But let’s go one step further.
Dig deeper into yourself.

What do you do when things don’t go your way?
Do you combine, look for workarounds? Do you analyse, try, test, evaluate?

Or do you just let it go? It didn’t work, it’s difficult and I don’t have the time.
Nothing would come of it anyway. I’ll let it go because it wasn’t that important to me anyway.

Do you see what I’m going for?

Attitude, attitude

Is the key.

It’s how you behave in the face of failure. Mistakes that are inevitable in running.
Just like in life. The important thing is whether you throw in the towel or keep going.

This is not a pseudo-motivational coaching piece.
As far as it goes. Remember, you are a winner! All you need is a strong will and you will run the marathon!
Find peace in yourself… and in your running shoes. It doesn’t matter if they stink. They will get you through.

OK, no more jokes.

There are no jokes in Babia Gora.

Why am I talking about mistakes? About this attitude?

Because it’s normal to make mistakes. To make mistakes.
To run too little. Or run too much. To start too hard after a long break.
To sign up for a mountain ultra when you have little experience.
Dressing too warmly for training. Running for others rather than for yourself.
Focusing too much on the finish line rather than the road.

You have read that it is advisable to run such a distance before a marathon. In one go in training.
Or you listened to a fellow runner’s hasty „good” advice.
And then, at the actual marathon, your legs went soft at the 35th kilometre.
And it wasn’t the famous wall. It’s not there.

And you stopped running because the debut was supposed to be great and it was the opposite.

Mistakes were, are and will be made.

OK, but what about the liking and disliking of running?

In most cases we didn’t do enough to persist in running.

I started the adventure of running. And I made some serious mistakes.
That discouraged me. On top of that, unfavourable circumstances built up and I stopped running regularly.
After a few weeks, I see that there is no progress.
Or it is minimal. Or I started too hard after the break and the injury came.

And I say to myself – this running is not for me. I am not a runner.

Before you say „belt, it’s not for me”, you have to answer yourself,
Have you done enough to come to that conclusion?

Haven’t you? Have you struggled and tried?
And what does the mirror say?

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