A special gift for the trail runner 馃嚞馃嚙 ENG

A special gift for the trail runner 馃嚞馃嚙 ENG

Some years in our family circle we decided that we would „give” each other birthday gifts as „experiences”.
I mean something that can be done, felt and experienced. Not material things.

Why it’s worth considering:

  • with material gifts there can be challenges like:
    — that person has everything and/or needs nothing
    — we don’t know and can’t find out exactly what such a person is wearing.

Take a vest aka running backpack. It takes a lot of knowledge to hit the mark, but to really hit the mark:

  • what company, what capacity, what color, what size, etc.

I myself do not know what kind of vest I would like, however, I know that I would spend hours looking for the right one.

Of course, there are some people who will be happy with a gift, but it is rather situations when we know,
that such a person needs it (because, for example, she told us herself or mentioned it in passing).
However, if such a person has his own requirements, has a lot of equipment and we want a really well-chosen and interesting gift
then we have a problem. We have a challenge.

Therefore, he suggests to go beyond material things.

Here are some ideas:

If he likes competitions, ask about his favorite runs.

Then buy a participation package.
You can also upgrade your gift:

  • and buy additional items, such as a special T-shirt or other offerings
    from the event. Often you can buy a basic starter package,
    but additional commemorative T-shirts, etc. are optional and you have to pay extra for them.
  • Pay for transportation and/or lodging.
    That is, look for a place in a hotel, motel, etc. and book the birthday person.
    If you are a couple then you will probably go together, although it is not obvious 馃槈

Some notes:

Not everyone likes to participate in races. But you can, during some conversation, explore this.
I also assume, if you have a close relationship, you know her preferences, etc.

Besides, there are famous races that almost everyone wants to participate in.
Or less famous, but for some reason this person would like to run them.

As in my case, I don’t run races, but I can very happily list some dream races.

Of course, this requires a good interview. We need to hit the preparation, plans and form of such a person.
If someone runs half-marathons and has no desire to run a marathon then buying a marathon start can be a good idea, but also vice versa.
Therefore, the important thing here, surprise!, is a good interview and communication 馃槈

Another idea if this person really doesn’t like formal races.

Organize and treat her to a vacation in the mountains. Just like Asia organized my birthday in the Tatra Mountains.

It requires a little more work to find a good place and a good time, but it can be done.
Good time because we have to keep in mind vacations, weather, season, etc.
I have a birthday in the summer, so it is quite easy to organize something in the mountains.

I know that quite a few people associate this kind of gift, there are also, after all, balloon flights, sports car rides, etc.
If you have an idea for such a gift and want to make a runner especially happy and surprised, then go ahead.

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