Can you wear running shoes for hiking? 馃嚞馃嚙 ENG

Can you wear running shoes for hiking? 馃嚞馃嚙 ENG

And we think of trail running shoes. It’s obvious, well almost, but about that later.
Whether it’s worth putting on running shoes depends on:

the trail
additional equipment

  1. There are easy trails and difficult trails. Often there is a mix and you should pay attention to the more difficult part of the trail than the easy part.
    Rocks, fords, muddy paths require more attention, experience and good equipment.
    In such places, a shoe with a low tread may not work. But dry forest roads and paths as much as possible.
  2. The more experience you have in the mountains, the better for you. You should know how to walk on different paths,
    how to walk without risk of falling, etc., how to choose a safe and optimal path, and so on.
    You can have the best equipment, such as boots, but if you don’t know how to hike and how to use the equipment, it won’t do you any good.
  3. Summer is much better for lightweight low boots than winter. In summer, I mainly use running shoes.
    In winter I use normal trekking shoes, both high and low.
    The risks are too great. Ice, snow, frost …
  4. Similar to the point above, and it should be obvious that in heavy rain, using running shoes can be a bit risky.
    Of course, it depends on the type of shoes, but not so much.
  5. You can support yourself with trekking poles or outdoor running poles.
    The poles work wonderfully and can help a lot.
    Especially for long distances and with a heavy backpack.
    But not only, because for fast on light walking they are as good as found.

    What about normal road running shoes for in the mountains?

    I can do fast treks in my flat running shoes. But I am quite an experienced hiker.
    I have walked thousands of kilometers in the mountains. Two – three years I ran and walked in flat shoes (merrel glove) and exercised my feet.
    Therefore, flat Kalenji and Pumas in the Beskidy and Sudety mountains have gone with a few hundred kilometers.

My shoes after two weaks in Sudety Mountains

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