How can I get better at running when I (almost) don’t have the time? 馃嚞馃嚙 ENG

How can I get better at running when I (almost) don’t have the time? 馃嚞馃嚙 ENG

and what could be the answer here?

The first that comes to mind:
there are no chances, or very few.
There is no free lunch.

However, let’s make some assumptions. Because without them, this post will be a herald and not an article.

Beginner or not so advanced runner.

Now the most important: how much is little time?
Because it can be four hours a week as well as two.

Life is the art of choices.

We will assume that we have done a very good job of checking whether we can’t carve out more time.
Can’t we sacrifice something in favor of running. Life is the art of choices.

That’s why it’s worth focusing and seeing how much time you’re wasting.
Because we are wasting something out there, right?
Sometimes it’s even worth keeping a journal for a few days.

This will give us a real perspective on our life. Of course, the condition is honesty and integrity.

It’s worth looking at how you manage tasks. Or in other words, time management.
I recommend the GTD method here. Runners are known for their creativity in finding time to run.

So really, it’s often a matter of answering a very, very important question.

How much do you really care about running?

And then, why do you want to run at all?

Because there is no free lunch. You want to see results then give something from yourself.
You give your time, strength, motivation, excuses, laziness, etc.
As a beginner and having little time:

Start with 10-20 minutes of running. Possibly walking – it depends on your form.
Do it every other day – no excuses. You run and that’s it.

Take notes – count the days. Or use an app to count your habits.
Seeing your progress will make it harder for you to quit.

Remember that the total time will be longer – you have to shower, change clothes, etc.

Some other tips:

  • often mornings are used for running
    Read how Asia learned to run in the morning before work.
  • Commuting, etc.
    It might be a good idea to run back.
  • read About the GTD system (or implementing another system or even advice in task management,).
    But GTD is the model here, as I wrote above.

A veteran, so experienced runner.

If you are experienced runner, I don’t think you need my advice here.
At the same time, such a person knows enough to plan appropriate training for a small amount of time.

Intervals, runs, one longer training run.
See what gives us the most benefit and apply it.
With respect for the rules to observe yourself, be flexible and take care of recovery.

But some rule we will not jump over.
Because an old Polish proverb says – no pain, no gain.

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